The eight year old girl who makes bracelets to raise money for children living in a women’s refuge



This evening a note popped up on my mobile to advise me that ‘Treasure Boxes’ was following me on Twitter, so I logged straight into my account to see what they were all about. I was amazed at what I read and thought I’d share this inspirational story with you.

Two years ago, at the age of six, a little girl known as the ‘Treasure Fairy’, decided she wanted to do something to help others. Her idea was to put together shoeboxes of toys to give to children who didn’t have any. Her family contacted the local women’s refuge and were told that around 50 children stay at the refuge each year, many of them arriving with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

The Treasure Fairy at work ©treasureboxes

The Treasure Fairy at work ©treasureboxes

The Treasure Fairy started to make crystal and stone bracelets to sell in order to raise enough money to provide a shoebox of toys for each child who arrives at the refuge. The boxes cost £15 to make so she therefore needs to raise £750 a year to be able to make up 50 boxes for this refuge alone. The Treasure Fairy is hoping by raising enough money she will be able to spread the treasure boxes to refuge’s nationally.

How you can help

The Treasure Fairy uses high quality beads consisting of semi-precious stones and Swarovski crystals to make up each bracelet which takes her around 15 minutes to complete. The only help she gets in this process is with the tying and gluing of the knot at the end.

Anyone can purchase the bracelets from the website here by clicking on the ‘Donate’ button on the right hand side of the page. The minimum donation for each bracelet is £3.50 with only 50p going towards the materials – the rest goes straight towards the toys. Postage and packaging is free if you live in the UK.

The Treasure Fairy is also in desperate need of suitable small items to put into the treasure boxes. Donated toys need to be small enough to fit in a shoebox along with six other items.



Each shoe box has around seven items in it. These items vary according to the age of the child the box is intended for. Typical items include:

A notebook

All boxes, except for those for very young children include a notebook. This is intended to be used as a diary so that the children can write down their thoughts and feelings.

A stone heart, egg or fossil

These are meant for the child to hold when they are feeling insecure. The little girl that runs this project has her own stone heart that she holds when she is worried or upset and thought that this would be a good idea and that every box should have one.

A teddy (or sand animal)

This is provided for comfort.

Pencil case with pens and pencils

These are provided for all older children in case they need these for school or homework. Younger children will have crayons.

Other possible items include:

  • puzzle books
  • alarm clock/watch
  • construction toys
  • puzzles
  • craft items

Thank you for reading. If you need any more information about Treasure Boxes please see their FAQs page and also the below links. Alternatively you can contact them here –

Further information

See her website here –

Follow her on Twitter –

Like her Facebook page here –

Refuge – Find out more about the work of Refuge here –


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