A plea from the Treasure Fairy



I was browsing facebook this morning when I came across a really important message from the Treasure Fairy. Back in June I wrote a blog post about the Treasure Fairy, an eight year old girl who makes bracelets to raise money for women and children living in a women’s refuge, a deed she started at the age of six. She is currently trying to register with the Charity Commission – it is hoped that she can reach more women’s refuges around the country with her work.


Please spare a couple of minutes to read this important message from the Treasure Fairy and her family.

“I have spent a lot of time planning over the summer and once the school holidays are over I am going to be spending more time developing this into something that can reach out to far more children. This is going to mean some personal sacrifices, which I am more than happy to face, but I need your help and it need not cost you a penny.

Currently we cannot be registered with the Charity Commission as I have to prove to them that we can generate at least £5000 a year (check out their website for more details on this). The sooner that we can submit our accounts to show that this amount is achievable, the sooner we can start the registration process. Registration will enable us to access new avenues of funding and support.

Although it would be wonderful for a secret millionaire to read this and make a large donation, I know that this is not likely to happen. We also believe that you should get something in return for your donation – along with the satisfaction of knowing that you have supported a group of children that society seems to overlook.”

A note from The Treasure Fairy ©treasureboxes

A note from The Treasure Fairy ©treasureboxes

“All I am asking is that you make a donation in return for a bracelet, bag charm, keyring, pendant or fairy adoption. If every one of our Facebook and Twitter followers did this we would smash the £5000 target and it would start us on the journey to something truly amazing.

Help the Treasure Fairy to realise her dream of being able to support every single child who spends time in a women’s refuge. If you can’t donate, please just share. Your Facebook share might just lead us to our secret millionaire!”

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